Stroke Awareness

Unit Title: Stroke Awareness

Provisional Level: 2

Guided Learning Hours: 2

Purpose and Aim:

To equip care workers with the skills and knowledge of Diagnosis and emergency treatment of Stroke.

Starting with the FAST Test, learners are shown how to spot common, and not so common symptoms that indicate Stroke, including signs and warnings well in advance.

To identify those at higher risk from both Stroke and TIA.

More difficult to identify is the Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) or minor stroke.

About one in five people who have a TIA go on to have a stroke, so spotting a TIA can save lives and prevent long-term disability.

Learners go on to explore the support needs of service users and carers when stroke has been diagnosed and discover the alternative types of treatment and therapy.

Techniques of rehabilitation (including equipment, preparation and management) are investigated and prevention strategies are analysed.


This unit is assessed through written and oral questions, and professional discussion.