Epilepsy and Seizures

Unit Title: Epilepsy and Seizures

Provisional Level: 2

Guided Learning Hours: 2

Purpose and aim:

To equip care workers with the skills and knowledge to examine epilepsy and promote awareness of the condition, its symptoms and responses to individuals living with epilepsy.

Risk assessment and risk management strategies are considered to enable staff to support service users.

The course covers the following:

  • What is epilepsy and what causes it?
  • Early seizure symptoms (warnings)
  • The classification of seizures, and analysing the symptoms.
  • Possible triggers.
  • Risk assessment, what are the risk factors.
  • How would you know if someone is having a seizure?
  • Become familiar with different kinds of seizures.
  • First aid advice for supporting people whilst having a seizure.
  • Medication and Epilepsy


This unit is assessed through written and oral questions and professional discussion.