Buccal Administration of Medication

Unit Title: Buccal Administration of Medication

Provisional Level: 2

Guided learning Hours: 2

Purpose and Aim:

To equip care workers with the skills to administer medication via access to the buccal mucosa of the mouth and ensure understanding of current safe practice in administering oral medication.

  • The learner must define the phrase “route of administration”
  • Identify the factors that can influence the route of administration
  • Define the terms local use and systemic use, and explain how these uses are put into effect
  • List the major routes of administration and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each dosing form
  • Discuss correct techniques for administration of oral/ buccal administration
  • Answer set questions on oral medication.
  • Demonstrate correct method and procedure for administering oral medication


This unit is assessed through Written and oral questions, group discussion and practical demonstration by the learner in buccal administration.