Dementia Care Practice Level 2

Guided Learning Hours (GLH):  20 hours

Average Study Time:  12 hours

Course Modules

  1. Dementia: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis
  2. Dementia: Treatment and Legal Issues
  3. Care Planning for and Problems of the Dementia Sufferer
  4. Caring for Dementia Sufferers

Training and Assessment method

Oral/written questions and assignment, individual interview.

This course is suitable for

All care workers who, as a key part of their role, care for and support individuals who suffer from dementia.

Course Description

This course is designed for care workers who work with and support on daily basis individuals who suffer from dementia. The key focus of the course is to raise awareness and educate the carer in order to improve the quality and standard of care for dementia sufferers who require either full-time or supported care.

The course consists of four modules:

  • In the first module: the causes and symptoms of dementia are explored along with the effects these have on the brain. The processes and techniques for diagnosis dementia are also examined.
  • The second module: focuses on the range of of treatments currently available for people with dementia. Later in this module we explore the law in relation to dementia and in particular the two key pieces of legislation that underpin the care and protection of dementia sufferers. As part of this exploration of the legal aspects we also address the principles of: recording and record keeping, confidentiality and the protection of data.
  • The third module: explores the key features of person-centred care planning and the key issues that should be considered in relation to care planning. Also in this module we examine the main problems, both physical and psychological faced by dementia sufferers.
  • In the final module: there is a detailed exploration of the care requirements and delivery for individuals suffering from dementia. All aspects of care are explored in order to equip the carer with ideas for best practice to improve the standards of care. The content of this course covers the Skills for Care Knowledge Set for Dementia and studying these modules will enable students to understand the:
  • Main causes of dementia
  • Effects of dementia on the brain
  • Symptoms and manifestations of the condition
  • Means by which the condition is diagnosed
  • Range of available treatments and approaches (both pharmacological and non- pharmacological)
  • Law in relation to dementia and dementia sufferers
  • Care planning process for dementia sufferers, with a particular emphasis on person-centred care planning (PCCP)
  • Key issues relating to recording care and maintaining records, whilst exploring the importance of confidentiality and data protection
  • Main problems faced by dementia sufferers, which may be physical, psychological or emotional
  • Principle aspects of care delivery and support required by dementia sufferers.

Course Objectives

  1. Define dementia, explain the causes and how it affects the brain
  2. Identify the symptoms of and diagnosis for dementia
  3. Explain the range of treatments and approaches available for people with dementia
  4. Define the law in relation to dementia sufferers and explain the principles of recording, data protection and confidentiality
  5. Identify the key features of PCCP and be able to construct a person-centred care plan
  6. Explain the main problems faced by people with dementia
  7. Identify key aspects of the physical care and support required by dementia sufferers
  8. Identify key aspects of the psychological and emotional care and support required by dementia sufferers